yzf 450 vs 250- heavy steering?

I ride a YZF 250 now but have been looking at buying a friends 450 and giving my son my 250.

I heard the power was supposed to be unmanageable unless you are a pro. Well I am about as far from a pro as you can get but I found no problem with the power at all.

What I did find is that the steering seems a little slower and heavier in the front end in general. Is this normal for this bike? Anyone ridden both and can compare?

I haven't riden an 06, but the older models work well. They just wear you out quicker due to the muscle factor.

My 03, set up for woods, worked great for 20- 30 minutes at race pace on the trail, but after that, mortal men turn into noodles. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


I should have been more specific, I have a 04 250 and am looking at a 04 450

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