Wife is pregnant, bike must go NOW!

After years of trying we finally did it, so her two stroker is heading down the road. I'm glad because she never really got the hang of that 2 stroke hit, she does better on her TTR. Here it is if anyone is interested:

96 RM 80

less than 5 gallons of premix on a new topend

all new wheel and chassis bearings

Gold chain

aftermarket bars

gripper seat cover

Bike is very clean and in great shape

$1200 obo it bboks for $1600


217/726-5494 Thanks



N 33'41.156" W117'59.749"

HelmetCam Videos


Congrats, I just found out this weekend that I'm gonna be a papa too...wow, this is cool.

Can't speak for anyone else, but my bike aint goin' nowhere unless it gets traded for a brand spankin' new one!!!


If there's a way to crash, Ill find it...

10/2/01 7lbs 11oz 21" boy....mom can't wait to get on her ttr, dad just got a 426...looking for a peewee.

this is my first kid and boy is it great!

I see this all the time... wife pregnant, bike

has to go. You guys blame the bike for everything.

Thanks Ron & Bandicoot. To all others, maybe I didn't make myself clear. My Wr and the wifes TTr are not going anywhere. She won't be doing any motocross for quite some time so we are selling her motocross bike. After completing the survey that Yamaha sent us the other day there is going to be one hell of a new addition to the lineup soon. One of the prototype models they ask us about was around 25hp, 34" seat height, 150lbs. When we get done having kids I imagine she will get something like that so why not sell the 2 stroke now? I am already looking for a basket case beginner bike for the unborn one. Thanks

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