Slow Oil Seal Leak

Ok I searched but I could not find how long I can go on a leaking oil seal...I have a very slow Oil Seal Leak on my '06 YZ450F front fork. I am not good at working on suspension and typically have a dealer do these for me but.....I have a race tonight and will not have it done in time. Can I race tonight with this leak? By Small I mean I can see little rings of oil when I compress the fork and let it go but there is no physical dripping. Any advice is appreciated. I just want to know if I can get by with this for a day.

It's hard to say because obviously all leaks start out small. Chances are you have some crud under the fork seal. There is a trick to cleaning it out that won't cost you anything but time. You have to pull the dust seal down on the fork leg. The dust seal is often mistaken as the fork seal but the fork seal in under the dust seal. So pry the dust seal down and now your looking at the fork seal. Take a business card, camera film or something that that is pliable enough to bend around the fork leg. Put it in between the fork leg and the seal and run all 360 degrees around the seal. Your trying to clean out whatever gunk is under the lip on the seal. Often times this is all you need and since your bike isn't very old, this would be my guess. You can ride it with the leak and it may clean itself out or completely blow itself out, which isn't likely but a possibility.

Great advice PK, while you got the tool box out, loosen up the front end and get everything aligned, your owners manuel will show you a bolt tightening sequence to get it all lined up. If things get a little twisted up it will increase the likelyhood of a leak.

I had done this by recommendation from others and will see. Upon further inspection of the fork on the lower part there is a small burr/scratch and I mean small but it will grab my finger nail. I have decided to do the seals on my own but do I really take 600 grit and 1000 grit sand paper to this to file it down? I am assuming if so it must be ever so slight on the pressure.

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