The official KX450F picture/video thread!

Hey guys,

Post'em if you got'em!

This Thread is designated just to show off YOU or YOUR BEAUTY.


Ok, since no one else has manned up, I guess I will. I've decided to share a select few pics from my first ride. Sorry, I don't have any great actions shots to share.

Still a virgin

Waiting in anticipation (notice the new gear waiting to get dirtied up)

First Jump

I'm going to hold off on the pics of me picking up the bike after the first "dump". :thumbsup:

I know these were nothing spectacular but that first ride was a blast. Especially considering it had been been YEARS since I'd been able to play in the dirt.

Ok, first post is out of the way. Come one everyone, fess up!

Here's some pics when it was at the dealership, in the truck, after first ride, and with it's stalemate.









First ride:




:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :confused::bonk::bonk:

I think VETMX808 has some pix of my scooter :thumbsup:

When it first arrived at the track (I'll stick my Toyota in there like Xerces too)

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :confused:

Ahh I see you changed up your sideplates to the ones of the 250f....

I thought you guys might get a chuckle or two from the pics! Ya, I like the looks of the 250f plates much better.............

"Half Kawasaki", the fast half right?!

Nice look'n green thang!

Could also be the half that turns well! :thumbsup:

Glad it worked for ya. From now on, stay away from the stands when your taped in fourth... :thumbsup: HAHA, glad i could help. Hollar at me for anything else.

Sure will. At first, that cdi looked like it came off the kx250f, not 450, i got scared, but then all was well when it mounted right up.

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