White Bros E Series and Rejetting

Just got myself a new E Series pipe. I am running 7 plates in it and it seems to be doing ok without rejetting (170 now). It still has a little bog when I crack the throttle and I want to get rid of that.

I was wondering if there was a formula for figuring this out with pipes, or is it just trial and error. I'm not really sure which direction to go with my jetting. I do know that when I put in a few more plates (less backpressure?) my bike wouldn't start at all.

Can anyone offer and suggestions on what to try?

Forgot to add that it is an 05 450...

Was the bog there before the new pipe? If not, and if your new pipe provides more of an open airflow, then I would guess you need to go richer on the jetting to keep the gas-air mixture the same now that you have more air flowing through.

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