Rekluse help

We have a 2003 Yamaha YZ450F in which we installed a Rekluse clutch system. We smoked the first clutch and are getting ready to install the second clutch. In talking with Rekluse they gave me the correct gap it needs to be installed to. I know what they are telling me but......

I am looking for anyone who has had one of these in their bike for any significant amount of time. How often are you checking this gap measurement? How many times have you smoked a clutch? Any other problems one may be experiencing? Thanks

2005 CRF450R, Rekluse w/ external perch adjuster.I ride mx only and my bike went from .031" to .042" with the light spring in just 6 rides.I replaced 4 of the fiber clutch plates to get me back to .030" I installed 6 tungsten balls and used the heavy spring,still felt allitle extra slippage. I now put the light spring back in, definitely hooking up now with no extra slippage.I ordered a new clutch cable because even my clean older cable has more resistance than a new one.Maybe with the new cable I will go back to the heavy spring but I think I will always leave the 6 tungsten balls in. I have been checking my gap about every 6 rides until I get the clutch adjusted to were I want it, I will check it less as the clutch wear becomes less.Thats my story so far. :thumbsup: P.S. I use Rottela Oil in the tranny.

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