XR650R Spoke Wrench Size

Sorry for such a lame question. Search is down right now and can't get definititve answer from Google.

Does anyone know what size spoke wrench I need for my 2002 XR650R.

I suspect that it is 6mm, but want to confirm with someone who knows.

These here:


Thanks in advance...


6.0 F & R to the best of my knowledge. I have one for my L and a buddy has used it to check the spokes on his R.

Thanks, I just checked the service manual which (shockingly enough) had the info. It says 6.1mm.

I imagine a 6mm wrench would be fine.



I really like that Motion Pro spoke wrench a lot :thumbsup: .

I also like my Excel Spoke Torque Wrench Kit :thumbsup:

get a multisized wrench, they are really handy :thumbsup:

6mm Dude

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