Got my new yz450f out for the first time!!!

No pics yet but i just want to say how awesome this bike is!!!!! i had a 2001 yz250f and this thing feels like a 125 compared to that.... it even corners so much better, jumps everything is BETER!! anyways its pretty much broke it, i got around 5 hrs on it,

the only thing that sucks is it eats throught FRIGGIN tires like no other, not even 5 hrs on it and i already have to flip the stock tire!!! so whats a good tire for the big 450???? i put a michelin starcross on my old 250 and loved it so i might get one for my new 450??

I put a starcross on mine, seems to be holding up good. I've got about 7 rides on them and there's not a lot of wear.

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