2000 yz426 good price?

2000 YZF426

Excellent Condition/Very Clean

"Major Power"

Pro Taper Bars

D+H Triple Clamps

One Indust. Graphics and Seat Cover

R4 White Bros. Exhaust (looks like a slip-on in the pic)

WC Radiator Guards

Comes with new spare rear tire

never raced/ well maintained

$3150 OBO


$3150 seems a bit high for a 2000. I bought a used 2000 in 2002 for $4000. Furthermore, when I look for a used bike, I look for a totally stock one. Graphics, aftermarket parts, new triple clamps, sounds like the old owner either rides hard and needs to replace things or blows alot of money (on a bike he's selling?).

What about maintenance? How many miles, how many valve adjustments? Is it owned by a big guy? What does he ride now? You gotta get the whole picture and try to figure out what the bike has been thru.

I got lucky and bough one in San Diego after a sailor bought it, took it to the desert, it kicked his a$$, and then it sat there while he was out to sea crying over his wounded ego...he got back and sold it. It still had sand in the levers and those little rubber dangly things on the factory tires.

$3150 still seems a little high, this is 2006 and its 6 yrs old....maybe $2000 is it all checks out okay....go $2500 tops.

ok thnx man, here in nevada everythign is over priced ill keep lookin

$3150 for an 00 is high. I just picked up a stock 03 with a rebuilt bottom end/new head for $100 more. I was looking at a modified 01 for $2700

I live in Reno and had to go to L.A. to get a bike. Everything here in Reno was way over priced. The dealers where $1000 to over $2000 high on everything. One wanted $6300 for a stock USED 05. :thumbsup:

haha man ur tellin me 7200 otd for a 06crf250r same bike 5800 in oregon pitiful, i may have to travel to find a bike, who knows. where u ride at chris?

I have a 2000 YZ426f just sitting. It lost 3rd gear, common for that year, so I just had the tranny rebuilt. Since the case was split and the engine was pulled I had the mechanic go through the engine to check the valves, piston, and rings. Everything looked great so he just replaced all the gaskets. The bike is pretty stock. It has an FMF Q-series exhaust, revalved suspension by RaceTech, Renthal Fatbar, and an Applied triple-clamp (upper only). The bike is very clean. The title is clear.

I'm in San Diego, but if you want it I'll let it go for $2000. It will help me clean out my garage. I'm moving down to a 250f.

email me at:


ill look u up possibly in the future i head down to SD every once in a while

haha man ur tellin me 7200 otd for a 06crf250r same bike 5800 in oregon pitiful, i may have to travel to find a bike, who knows. where u ride at chris?

$7200 OTD for a 06 250f is BAD. I got my Limited Edition 06 YZ450F OTD for 6864.

I still think your about 600-700 too high on that 426.

haha man ur tellin me 7200 otd for a 06crf250r same bike 5800 in oregon pitiful, i may have to travel to find a bike, who knows. where u ride at chris?

Havent been on it yet LOL. Just picked it up last weekend. It's now sitting in my garage tore down to the frame. I'm going thru the whole bike cleaing and replacing everything that needs to be replaced. I'm also throwing in some new parts (exhaust, levers, skid plate etc).

I dont actually have anywhere I ride just yet. I've been out of the dirt for a while and been riding street-track. Was going to start racing but it's getting ubar expensive to keep up and I want to ride more so I'm going back to ride dirt more often. I have a brother-in-law and cousin that live in Fernley, they have lots of places to ride out there. Not sure if you're in Reno or Vegas. But if you're in Reno send me a PM maybe we can ride some time. I'll have my bike together and ready to go in 2-3 weeks :thumbsup:

I just got my 2001 yzf426 super clean unmolested gripper seat renthal bars and flywheel weight only add ons for $2200 Im very happy with that. :thumbsup:

I got my 00 426 about 5 months ago for $2400, I would check that bike out in San Diego, I live about 2 hours away so I know if you live in Vegas it will take you about a day round trip (6 1/2 hours each way). Sounds like a legit price too.

Post some pics bro so we can all check it out.

I just bought a 2000 yz426f perfect condition, stock motor, 2 sets of plastics, 2 headers, 3 white bros pipes, gripper seat, renthals, schmit suspension, desert tank and stock, for $2300 I got a pretty good deal for california. The 426's range greatly from $2000-$3500. It also depends where you live.

my freind bought a average condition 01 yz426 for $2100. They were asking $2600. Then two months later 5th gear is gone.

I picked up my 02' for $1700. keep looking they are out there

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