Carbon Fiber fork guards

I just purchased some carbon fiber fork guards from precision concepts. Somebody told me I might want to wrap my forks with something before I install them because the carbon fiber will start wearing into my forks. Has anybody ever had that problem? Thanks for any info.

I put an Acerbis fork/disc guard on my BRP for a while. Drilled a couple extra holes in it to make it work. But it didn't, it always ended up sliding around.

And the worst part, when I finally got sick of it and took it off, it had rubbed the crap out of my lower forks. Enough so that I could almost feel the indentation left by the zip-ty's and the guards.

I don't know what guys have been wrapping them with, but I do reccommend wrapping them in SOMETHING before you put the guards on.

Have seen nothing like that with mine and they've been on 3 years now. The guards chip and break easily though. I got mine when PC set my bike up, they're probably the same as yours.

I've had the same experiences as XR4DEZ. Have had them on a couple different 650R's for ~3.5 years and they haven't started wearing into my forks from what I recall. I've gone through a couple sets over the years because of them being chipped up and or broken, but they do add to the bling factor.

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