Good Portland area suspention shop?

I'm in Portland and would like to know who does the best suspention work for off road riding. I would like to use a local shop, and just want to do my forks. Any reccomendations? The bike is an 06 WR450.

Why don't you want to send your forks out? I do not know anyone in the area that I would trust with them for revalving. House of Horsepower in Cottage Grove has about a 50/50 satisfaction rate, there is a reason Pro Caliber is called POOR Caliber, and the rest seem to be hit or miss.

I would rather send my stuff out to Precision Concepts or MB3 than have a local shop guess at what to do. Also, almost all reputable suspension shops will revalve until you are happy with your suspension. Do you think some local guy is going to do that?

It is kind of like this...if you are going to spend the same amount of money, why buy a K-Mart tools when you can have Snap-On?

In otherwords, there are a lot to Race Tech trained suspension guys around, but why pay one of them the same amount of money you would pay Race Tech themselves?

I was hoping to find a reputably local suspention shop. If there is none, I guess that I will just send it out. I know of a good local roadrace shop, but I would not trust them with off-road forks. Thanks


Sorry guys, I meant to post this thread in the regional forum. Dooh!! I screwed up again!!


Dude, send it up to Devol in Washington.

Anyone else had any experience with Devol?


I live in Newberg - somewhat close to Portland. Motorsport in Hillsboro does suspension work so you might want to talk to them.

Personally, I sent my bike to Devol to be lowered and revalved. They did a great job. Ask for Royce Devol - he does the suspension work and even arranged to get one of his buddies to pickup my bike in Portland. Great customer service!

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