Exhaust Cams YZ and WR what is the difference?

Anyone know what the number code stands for?

The YZ 06 exhaust cam has the # 5TA 12180-10-00

The WR 06 exhaust cam has the #5TJ 12180-20-00

What does the TA and the TJ stand for and what is the difference between the cams?

I (stupidly) are wondering if an 03 exhaust cam will fit into a WR 06?

The timing on the bike should be ok as the mod on the wiring sorts that issue.

Will a swap like that be straight forward? Is there anything else to be aware of (shims) etc!

Has anyone tried this on such a late model bike?


I shouldn't be thinking like this!

a 2003 yz cam should work fine in a 2006 wr. i believe that the 2003 yz cam is the same as the 2006 but i could be wrong.

you will have to re shim.

the difference {wr to yz} is the lobe profile in relation to the auto decompresser pin.

Actually the cam base circle is the same for the YZ and WR cams so you may not have to shim. On my '04 the YZ cam dropped in with the clearances well in spec.. The difference is in the length of the auto-decomp pin. Not sure about the '06 but the '03/'04 YZ & WR cams have the same profile but different timing however you cannot just rotate the WR cam like you could in the 400/426 because the auto-decomp will not function properly.

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