06 YZ450F Oil change

I came to this thread by searching for "oil change". I have a new '05 YZ450. I have read the manual and a few threads here and I am still not sure.

I understand that there are a few places to drain the oil from, and there is one place to fill it - the place called the "oil fill" on the crankcase cover :-)

But, how then do you check the level? The oil can't run up into the tank when I pour it into the crankcase! I am assuming I need to start it and let the oil pump get it up into the tank before I check the level??



I have an 07' and I just changed the oil. Is there two places to drain it from?

I went to the track after and started the bike on the stand, when I got off i hit it into first gear accidentally and it stalled. I went to restart it and it is really hard to kick now and wont start. any Ideas guys?

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