Like a moron I loaned out my socket that fits the Top triple clamp Nut and it was never returned. Now I need to remove the forks for rebuild and planned to service the steering bearings.

Does anyone know what the size of the nut is so that I can go back to sears in the morning and buy another one. I know it's bigger than the 27mm I have in my hand now.


Bonzai grin.gif


Thanks....Sears Here I come....

Bonzai grin.gif

Signature Test


1999 WR 400F

Headlight Removed

Odo Removed

Gray Wire - Cut

Throttle Stop - Trimmed

YZ Timing

GYT-R Pro-Bend Hand Guards W/Tripple Clamp Mounts

YZ Front/Rear Fender

YZ Number Plate

Race Tech Suspension, by MXTuner

Dunlop 756 Front and Rear

Renthal Fat Bars W/GYT-R Pad

Renthal 14/53 Gearing

DID Race Chain

Custom Grips

Graphics by CEET

White Brothers E-Series Exhaust

Modified Compression Release

Acerbis Frame Guards


Are you running the discs on your E Series?

How many if yes.



2001 WR250F

White Brothers E Series Full exhaust

Panoram computer

Tap Bars

jet kit

YZ timing

Grey wire mod

Pro Rally hand guards

YZ plastic

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