XR650R shock lingage disassembly question

OK. Two days, two lame questions. Thanks for the patience.

So I am regreasing everything in the swingarm pivot area. No problem. I have the linkage off. There are three sets of bearings in there.

I do have the service manual.

The pivot collars slide out no problem from swingarm and shock arm linkage. Once the pivot collars are out, I can regrease the needle bearings.

The one that attaches to the lower end of the shock, however won't come out. According to the manual, it has "side collars" in addition to a "pivot collar".

How does one remove these side collars. The manual just says to "remove the side collars" but they won't press out.


Thanks again...


If you are talking about what I think you are, then there is one on each side, shaped like a sideways "T" if that makes any sense. They are bushings with a larger outer lip. To remove them, they need to pulled out, not pushed in. Mine came off with my fingers, if they are stuck, a hook type tool should extract them.

Be sure to get into the upper shock mount/pivot/bearing area. This area was the worst on mine surprisingly. I've heard others have had the same experience.

Don't forget the steering head bearings. These REALLY need grease. There is a special tool for the lock ring, but it's not heavily torqued so a soft punch (aluminum/brass/plastic) and hammer should remove/install it with ease and without screwing things up around it.

Finally, don't worry about asking to many questions, that's what these places are for. Just try and do a quick search on the subject before you ask, as some topics are brought up every other day. I check this board multiple times per day and I for one am glad to help anybody I can. Ride on!

Snaggle -

That's the one. I suspected they needed to pull, but was reluctant to use to much force or the wrong tool.

I will try with a piece of bent welding wire. If anyone has any great ideas for tools, I'd sure like to hear them.



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