Where to buy acerbis tank?

I can't find the damn things anywhere. I'm trying to help a friend find a bigger tank for his '04 wr450. The TT store doesn't seem to have one but it's tough to navigate so I don't know. Google doesn't even bring one up! The acerbis site says "no match found" when I enter 2004 wr450. Can anyone tell me who sells them?

Since Scott bought out Acerbis the tanks seem to be hard to come by. The Yamaha GYT-R tank is the same tank, maybe you can try your local Yamaha dealer.

I don't do dealers...but I didn't know that the gyt-r was the same. Any other options for that tank? Who's the big yamaha distributor? (I obviously don't own a yamaha lol)

I contacted the TT store directly and they got me a Acerbis 3.3 for my 2005 WR450.

I bought mine from www.justgastanks.com The price was the best.

Has anyone installed an Acerbis tank on an '05 WR with Unibiker rad guards?

Has anyone installed an Acerbis tank on an '05 WR with Unibiker rad guards?

I was thinking of getting a larger tank so I sent the folks at Unabiker an email asking if they knew of a problem. They said the larger tanks will hit the guards but they do sell just the rear part of the guards for $50 which will clear the larger tanks. What I can't figure out is why they don't supply them in the first place. :thumbsup:

I installed the Acerbis 3.3 on my 2005 with unibiker guards. The left clears fine, but the lower stiffenr on the rh aft had to be totally cut away. The lower stiffener has a flange on it and you probably give up 60% of the strength for the aft side. :thumbsup:

I need the tank NOW! We're doing moab on may 6th and he has to have something bigger than stock. I'll try all of these suggestions and report back. Price doesn't really matter (within reason).

edit: it looks like just gas tanks has a '03-'05 tank..does that sound right? Are the '03-'05 tanks compatable?

Thanks a lot for the feedback on the Acerbis fit with Unabiker rad guards installed. Much appreciated.

How about the acerbis 6.6? I've googled it and haven't seen a straight answer as to whether or not it fits the '04 wr450...anyone? That would be ideal!

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