XR650L hop up

here we go again. Here is rear wheel hp on a xr650l. 32.5hp. tested on a dynojet 250i in california on pump gas. a xr650l with a 43FCR carb, pod filter. a E2 slip on, stock header welds ground, a port job, ti valve keepers, megacycle cam, intake 102 degrees, exhaust 105. Stock piston. Air fuel ratio dialed in. = 42.5 Rear wheel hp 37 ft lb torque.

A xr650l turned into a 708 with FI and about 20 grand equals about, 61hp and 47 foot lbs of torque.

I will say this,once,We were moving,from a rental to the property my wife and I just bought,every thing was moved,except my dog,my XR600,and the dogs house,the dog house was big,way more so than 1 person could handle,there was no way to back the truck up close to the dog house,as it was in the back yard,fence,trees etc,so I got out a rope,and tied it all the way around the dog house,at the bottom,so it wouldnt tip,I tied the other end around the subframe,opposite the exhaust,fired up the Mighty XR600,and drug that dog house all the way round to the side where the truck was,at first the front end went skyward,once free from the grass and roots,the 600 pulled it out like a champ,I did have a 52 teeth in the rear at the time,but It wouldnt of made a difference,the six banger made it look easy,so you see,the big six really did pull like a tractor that day,when I went to pick up my deposit,the owner said,did you do some digging in the back yard?

A xr650l turned into a 708 with FI and about 20 grand equals about, 61hp and 47 foot lbs of torque.

Twenty grand! That really proves that old adage "Speed = Money. How fast do you want to go?" I'd say the return on the $$$ are pretty low for that last 10 of 15 hp. Once you get to 45 or so hp the dollars/hpp ratio starts to get steep.

Everytime I read these darn engine mod posts I get envious. The thought of having an additional 30 percent more power at small cost money wise and durability, makes want to get it done tomorrow. I could only imagine what a powerful beast the xrl would be after.

Motorcycle usa,2008 XR650L 31horse power/28.5 ft.lbs torque. This is choked,no baffles removed,stock jetting

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