CRF450 or YZ450f

I was wondering wich is better CRF450 or YZ450F. They cost the same so which is better? I'm leaning towards YZ450f 06. :thumbsup:

I like my yz much more. I hae also ridden an 05 crf and it isnt even close to the yz.

Both great bikes. The only reason I went with a Yamaha is because we always just went Yamaha for bikes, and Honda for quads...

But we never had any problems with any of the two brands. I like the Honda's, but I love the new YZ/YZF's frame, so I had to get one!

Just got the YZ450F 4 days ago and love it. Never rode the CRF450 but rode the CRFX (not really a comparison) and wasn't that impressed. I guess after reading the reviews of the X I expected more.

I would lean towards the Yamaha, not that I am partial or anything.....

For a 450 go Yamaha you can't lose!

I have never rode a better bike than the 06 YZ450F! Go blue!!!!!!!!

Or Yellow (Special Edition) :thumbsup:

ive got an 05 honda and will be going blue in 07.nothing against the hondas but i need a change,been on them since 01.heard a lot of good things bout the new yammie and ive had the privleage of riding a 2002 426 which i was really impressed with.I really like the fact about the zero engine vibration,this will help me cause my hands go numb after about 6 laps.Just my opinion but you will find many good things about both on both message boards.JUst go out to your local track and see if someone will let you take a spin on one and see how you like it. :thumbsup:

ive rode a 06 crf 450 and my 06 yzf 450 back to back and i couldnt tell much diff just the ergonomics . but i would choose the yammie the ease of maintenance and the reliability . i started tradin my bike every 2 yrs since 2000 and i have never had any problems with any of my 426s 0r 450s and ive only had to adjust the valves on the 04 when i put a new piston in . all of the others the valves stayed perfect !!!!!! get a yamaha

I was wondering wich is better CRF450 or YZ450F. They cost the same so which is better? I'm leaning towards YZ450f 06. :thumbsup:

Your asking is a yz forum, so you'll get yz answers. I would stick with the yz450f. I've rode a 03 crf450r, it was fast, but I just didn't feel very comfortable on it. I don't know about the crf450r, but a couple friends of mine that had crf250r have had reliability issues, compared to my yz250f, their motors lasted a year while my Yamaha went 2 1/2 before being rebuilt, and it still ran but had to be push started. Hope that helps, but if you ask in the general forum you could get some Honda opinions. :thumbsup:

I received my 06 YZF450 Limited edition last Thursday. Been riding dirt bikes for over 30 years. By far the best dirt bike I have ever ridden.

I rode an '05CRF450 while down in Cali over the winter. There is no comparison. For 2006 Honda moved/tilted the motor back 5 degrees.....and thats it. I can safely say, that doesn't convince me that they now have a bike that can beat this YZF. I don't care what the magazines are saying.

I have the bike jetted properly now.....170 main, 48 pilot (like everyone else it seems) I added a tooth to the rear sprocket.

Holy mother of God this bike hauls!

Holy mother of God this bike hauls!

What he said :thumbsup:

yeah dude yz for sure spend some time readin up on the cr forum they have stickys for their problems not to say you cant destroy a yz.......

...but it's really hard to :thumbsup:

Ya I'm defiantly sure ill go with YZ450F. I like the frame alot better than Honda. Thanks for all the input!

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