any help before I spend money

So i just sold my truck and bought a suburban and the bike just wont fit in the back. Was really considering one of those bike carrier things that slip in a trailer hitch. Looks like a good idea but I was wondering if any one had any pros and cons.

My brother bought the one TT sells (Sarge, I think) for his XR650 to put behind his Jeep Grand Cherokee and loves it. He said that buying it through TT was cheaper $ and it was built better than the other ones he'd been looking at.

Hope that helps

You could always strap it on top of the sub. :thumbsup:

thought about it but...... lol

I don't know about those. But I know a couple years back me and my Dad found a 5x8 trailer for his quad to haul around. The thing was only 250 bucks on ebay, we had to build it and put some wood on it for the floor. It still is running great about 4 years later, awesome little trailer, very well built, and comes with all tail lights, tires/rims, etc...

Look for something like that.

I am in the same boat. I miss my truck too for when it's just me riding. I have a couple friends that have the trailer hitch bike holders and they love them!! I plan on getting rid of the suburban soon myself, and that's the only reason I haven't purchased one. I hope that helps! :thumbsup:

I have one of the hitch mounted carriers that carries 2 bikes. I like it, we carry the CRF and my YZF on there with no problems. Just make sure you have atleast a class 3 hitch. There are advantages of this over the trailer in that you can store this in the garage pretty easily and some states have a speed limit of 55 with any kind of trailer ( I know California does because I got a ticket for 70 on I-5 pulling a 5x8 trailer). The hitch gets around that. A trailer has it's perks in that you can throw your gas cans on it and basically carry alot more stuff, as well as multiple bikes, but if space is an issue, where do you store it?

My buddy bought the one from the TT store, loves it. So later, when I needed one I bought one too, from TT. Although the design has changed a little over the years, I think its still the best one on the market, light, simple, come w/ a ramp!


I have this one its priced right and light enough I use three straps and it seems to work well. Ramp mount sucks so I just throw it in my jeep. Shipping was fast no complaints.

We have a double carrier we use with our Excursion and love it. Its so easy to use. BUT I will say that if you are using a DOUBLE CARRIER you NEED a CLASS 5 HITCH. If not you are asking for trouble.

As for the Sarge Carriers, they work very well. They have options for a ramp and a gas can holder. With an suv you have all the storage in the world for your gear. heck you don't even have to pack it back in the bag when you're done til you get home if you want. Its not like its gonna blow away in the bed of a truck.

I've got the Moto Jack Rack and it works well. I bought it used and I know its been used hundreds of times over the years without fail. I only wish I had somewhere to put my gas can.

A friend has a moto jack rack. that thing is a very easy one prson load.

Thanks so much for the info. I have a 8x16 enclosed that I use on big rides or when racing but really needing somthing for when its just me. I have a class III hitch already so it looks like the carrier is the way to go for me. :thumbsup:

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