Have a drz400s, looking at a wr400. Any thoughts

Have a 01 drz400s, and looking at picking up a 00 wr400, with plate. The advantages I see, are less weight, and some more poop for the logging roads, etc. I will be paying 500 more for the yami. Is it worth learning to ride the new bike, or stick with what I got??



It really depends on you, but the 400's are getting on now.

They are great bikes, but I would keep your DRZ then upgrade to a brand new WR.

Wait till the '07's come out.

Having spent time back to back on both, they are different bikes. Personally, I would pay the $500 for a Wr over a DRZ because of the better power. The DR is plush and if you do not ride it hard, read cruzing fire roads, etc., the DR is a great comfy ride. The WR is just more mean.

I'd agree with Matty05 - as good as the 400's are (were?) they are getting on a bit and most have earned their keep as their owners got to be better riders. The last thing that you'd want is to spend big $'s on a total rebuild within the first year of owning a bike just to get it back to spec (and still have a 7 year old bike). If and when you do get to save a few more $'s, try looking for a run-out '06 WR450F or possibly the '07 if finances permit, you won't be disappointed and you'll have a bike that will last you many many years.

...my 2c

I have a 2K WR400 and it's a great bike but I'd be carefull buying a used one. They like to be ridden hard and most owners do. The bike has improved a lot since mine came out. Auto-decompression, more power, better seat/tank layout, Renthal bars, improved suspension, e-start...

You'd probably like the newer ones better but you certainly wouldn't hate an older one. Mine starts in 1 or 2 kicks.

I own both and I ride them both quite a bit, my WR is street registered. The DRZ gets picked if I'm going to be doing any more than 10 miles of straight highway riding. It is much better on the road than the WR and it will get me anywhere I want to go off road. The WR is lighter, more nimble and much quicker. If I am trailering a bike to the trail it will be the WR. You can commute on a DRZ but you can't (shouldn't?) on a WR. Different bikes but both a bunch of fun.

why can''t you commute on a WR? I have herd a few people say this before to, you can run it hard on the trails all day long but cant take it 10 miles to work and back? whats the difference?

why can''t you commute on a WR? I have herd a few people say this before to, you can run it hard on the trails all day long but cant take it 10 miles to work and back? whats the difference?

Okay, I have rode my WR to work a few times. It's just not fun to ride on the California freeways. At 80 mph it's revving pretty fast. Around town it's okay as long as you aren't sitting at a stoplight for too long, then you worry about the bike heating up. I also worry about keeping the front wheel on the pavement because I get the urge to wheelie everywhere I go. Between the two bikes the OP listed, the DRZ is better at pavement and the WR is better at dirt. They can both do either one.

The WR stinks on the road. The DRZ might be better in tight woods but the WR is much more fun in open terrain, whoops and jumps.

I am giving you advice based on and experience i have had with this bike. I bought this bike and i only had it for a week. I absolutely loved it. one day i took it for a ten minute ride. i was just putting along and i heard CLICK, CLICK and it locked up on me. i pushed it all the way home. the next day we took the skidplate off and we saw a great big hole in the caseing at the front of the engine. we then took the engine apart and got a very rude shock. the conrod snapped clean and puched a hole through the casing at the front and out the back of the barrel. the conrod smashed the balance shaft and also took a nice chunk out of the piston. I was not to impressed as i had only owned the bike for just under a week. after that i looked around for another set of cases from wreckers and they then told me that this was a common probelm with the wr range. this bike was a 2000 400 model but every wrecker we rang also told me that the 426's and 450's are even worse. the wreckers had a few 03 model 450's that had not even done 2000 kilometres which is about 1250 miles and had snapped the conrod. I really loved that bike but it was too unreliable. so instead of paying nearly nearly 4000 australian dollars to get it fixed up i put that money towards a brand new honda xr400r. i am not dissing the wr's but if i was you ace i would buy a new wr450f if you really want a wr and trade it in every year for a new one. personally i would have 2 bikes. an xr400 and a yz450f.

:thumbsup: I have a 98 WR 400 and the bike puts a smile on my face every time i ride . I think it's a great bike , loads of power after doing the free mods. Just my opinion .The new 450's are lighter , have a e-start and more power but i still love my old 400 .

A new 450 would definately be the way to go but you most definately wont be dissapointed with a wr400. I have a 01 wr426 and absolutely love to stomp the two drz 400 sm's and two dr 650's that I ride with. The drz 400 doesnt come anywhere close to the power of the WR's (400 or 426). I also have two friends that both have wr400's and they are really not much different during acceleration. We drag race all the time on pavement doing 2nd gear rolling starts and by the time we click 5th gear I might be ahead by 1 bike length over the wr400's but the drz400s are prolly like 15 lengths back and the 650s probably somewhere around 20 back. I have heard alot of great things about the drz's though and really enjoyed riding them. The bikes I have rode where both supermoto bikes (05 and 06), and they definately out performed my bike in the braking and handling department on the road. I really would like to see how a completely worked drz would stack up against my bike in the power department. I hear those 475 stroker kits really wake up a sleeping beast.

Is it worth learning to ride the new bike, or stick with what I got??
I wouldn't trade back one model year for the little, if any improvement you will see. The DRZ is an under rated bike which compares well to an earlier WR. It just han't been developed over the last five years as the WR has. The DRZ is heavier but really doesn't "feel" it...and you would give up the happy button? If you were trading to a newer 450 it might make sense, but I don't think you will be ahead at all going to an older WR.

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