Where can I find a graphics kit for my YZ426F (other than stock)

Anyone know where I can find a graphics kit for a YZ426F? (other than stock). Seems like they aren't made anymore. I'm even will to pay a bit more to order something halfway cool. Anyone have any suggestions?

google it...they are still all over. FMF, One industries, etc. etc. They all still carry them. if they don't have them listed on their site, write them an email, most likely they still make it, they are just saving their bandwith for items with a little more turnover. You can even make your own and take it to a local shop.

Also, type "yz graphics" in the TT search. You'll find what everyone else is using...this topic is discussed daily. Welcome to TT!

yea they still make them just look a little harder! :thumbsup:


Try www.xgxracing.com

They have some sick graphics.

Thanks Thumper 44, That Xgx Site Does Make Some Cool Stuff

Try This They Also Do Custom Work For 200.00 Bones.http://www.xgxracing.com/index2.html Anything You Can Think Of They Can Out On Vinyl. I Had The Same Issues, Trying To Get Something For My 426. :thumbsup:

also try FLU designs. I got mine there and the are great. If you go to my garage I have a picture of the new graphics there.

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