two carbs 3 jets?

have a 87 xr 600 took carbs apart to clean them left carb has jet that neddle fits in and then another one right next to it but right side carb has only 1 jet the one for neddle has a hole like other carb just no jet and no threads for jet to screw in is this right?


Its right...

If your looking at the carbs from the rear of the bike, the left one will be a little more complex than the right. The reason this is, is because the left carb is considered your main carb, where your right one is considered your secondary, and only opens up after you have open the throttle a little ways.

Avoid dealing with the linkage on these things if at all possible.

what thump said. mine is an 86, same deal. just something i did, replaced the philips head screws for the bowls with allen head. makes it alot easier to get the bowls off and back on tight if you need to get in there.

Think of the two carbs as a progressive two-barrel. The primary (left) carb includes a pilot (slow) jet. Idle to about 1/4 throttle only the primary carb is open. The secondary (right) opens after this point.

Make sure you check the needle valves carefully. They are a weak link with this set-up.

this is the best site ive ever been 2 prompt curtius replys with the right info thanks again for helping cause i was gona ajust the linkage between the carbs cause by looking at them 1 didnt open as soon as the other and with all my expertise and skill i was gona sinc the carbs by eyesite lol

thanks again


Also Whats Makes The Pipes Get Red Hot To Lean Or To Rich

Thanks Kevin

Also Whats Makes The Pipes Get Red Hot To Lean Or To Rich

Thanks Kevin

Too lean causes pipes to get excessively hot.

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