Indy or NC or anyone in the know.......

More Rekluse oil questions. Today I was looking for Rotella T on your advice. Thanks. I noticed that the 10W-30 and the 5w-40 are NOT Ci-Plus rated, but the 15W-40 is. Can I run the 10W 30 in my YZ 450 or should I stay with the 15W-40? As I am sure you can tell I really dont know much about oils and engines and such. So if you could explain to me why or why not I would sure appreciate it. Thanks alot for all of your time on this. BnB. :thumbsup:

Get the 10W30. I can't locate it at any of my auto stores. They seem to only care the 15W40. I checked the specs on the 10W30 a few months ago and it is perfect for the Rekluse. I just cant seem to find it here in the midwest. I got to order some on line. :thumbsup:

i use the 15-40 rotella now,i was using the 30wt but it breaks down quicker. the 15-40 is CI-4 plus rated...but, they did it without adding anymore friction modifiers to the package. when chevron took the delo to the CI-4 plus rating they doubled the amount of soluble moly,which brought it up to 320ppm. now soluble moly is acceptable for wet clutches up to 300ppm so thats why the new delo is unacceptable(and believe me it slips). i forgot the numbers on the rotella,i believe it was around 120ppm. use the 15-40 rotella,and do your clutch a favor,start using 22cool :thumbsup:

Thanks guys. With both 10W-30(not ci4-plus) and 15W-40(ci4-plus) available which one should I get, it appears you two may have differing opinions on this. That 22cool looks great too. Thanks agian. BnB. :thumbsup:

the 15-40 covers more temp range when its hot,since switching to the rotella 15-40 the clutch is operating perfectly and the oil looks and feels better on draining than the 30wt did. its like your underbritches....up to ya :thumbsup:

Thanks agian for your help NC. :thumbsup:

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