what quiet pipes fit 06 yz450f, any one got one for sale

I know its a new bike but does anyone have a fmf Q pipe for sale.. any other yrs fit? any quiet pipe tests out there with other options . thanks Jeff

that gytr pipe looks pretty nice. does anyone have it on their bike

that gytr pipe looks pretty nice. does anyone have it on their bike

Not that I know of....but if the power is at least the same as stock I might get one.

Jeff, before I bought my '04, I looked at this. Thank God mine came with the FMF pipe, and the Q insert. I looked into getting a "OEM insert" just incase, but no one around here except maybe www.racetools.com could help. Good luck. I'm sure that you have already seen this from PRA's web site, but... 450 4-strokes

OEM Fitted w/max 6 open discs + solid end

White Bros E Series w/max 6 open discs + solid end

Dr. D spark arrester exhaust system w/insert

FMF Q Series

* Unaltered OEM systems are also allowed on woods/off road bikes such as the CRF250X, WR250F, 400EXC, etc

Using any other system not included on this list is a direct violation of the PRA Sound Rule subject to Board review and membership termination.

· Obtaining a Variance

So as not to shut out other potential solutions that may be offered by the exhaust manufacturers or elsewhere, club members will have the opportunity to create an exception or add to the 4-stroke approved equipment list for 2006. It does not matter what the magazines, dealers or manufacturers say – ONLY THE PRA BOARD can authorize/approve additional exhaust systems by unanimous decision of the entire board. To be considered for a variance, an exhaust solution must, per the standard MIC sound measurement process, be at or below the following minimums

Hey kelly, Yep I know about the strict policy at PRA and was thinking about a yosh with the insert , which by the way I have been told is a great pipe for racing and terrible with insert in .. not all that quiet and very very restrictive so im really just lookin for a q2 but I ordered one yesterday I just thouht I'd take a shot and really was wondering if anyone put one from their 04 or 05 on the 06 and if it fit like the yosh from the 02 fit on the 03 even though it says it wont .. anyway Im off to break it in today ..

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