YZ426 query?

Well i'v decided on getting a 426 as the kdx 200 just doesn't have enough guts to climb hills and get through the mud. Now i've spotted a few and was deciding on which one to get.

1) 2000 model 426, complete rebuild, new 2,5 gear, white bros full exhaust, oil changed every ride-motul, runs 3 airfilters- skins, mainatined and owned by salesman at a bike shop

2) 2002 426 -http://www.bikesales.com.au/as/search/sd.do?recIndex=10&modelID=2248&makeID=83&page=0&selectedModelIndex=127&y=8&selectedMakeIndex=67&previousResultPerPage=20&currentPage=1&x=41

check link.

thanks for your help

I would get the newest bike that's in your price range.

S.S valves VS. titanium, is there that much difference?. Also don't know what condition the other is in, so i'll wait and see.


Well The 2002 Has A Better Clutch Than The 2000, Most People Like My Self Did The 2001 Clutch Upgrade. But It All Depend Which Bike Is In Better Shape. I Have A 2000 426 And This Baby Has All The power You Will Need. :thumbsup: But If You Can Go With The 2002.

Look at both of them and see how many hours are on each. Also remeber that ss valves last much longer and pro circuit valves are 150 a pop(150x5=$750!). But I would go with wich ever one had the lest amount of hours and had been better taken care of regardless of the year or price. It saves a lot of money in the long run

Get the 2000 that 02 is way overpriced!!!!! Nearly $6000 dollars for an 02 426 is just ****in ridiculous!!! I got my 00 426 for $2400, and it had a ton of upgrades. I would go with the salesman's bike, he probably took real good care of it and I don't think it would be damaged at all. Working at the shop he probably had it well maintained. The 00 was a very dependable bike and the stainless valves have a long life. I love the 426 its a great bike and plenty of power.

I'm talking aussie dollars, so it's not all bad news. Anyway i need convincing, as i'm also looking at the 250x, but trying to stay blue


I have a 2002 YZ 426FP and love this bike. I got it new in May 2002 and have had no problems. The 02 had the problems the 00 owners found fixed (clutch foone.) Solid, reliable bike with very usable power. I did a 450 DCM mod and installed and Pro Circuit T-4 exhaust system in June 2003 for the easier starting and a wider power spread.

Keep the oil fresh, the air filter cleaned/oiled and the valves shimmed properly and you have one dependable bike.


I would try and find an 01 or 02 model. They are both great bikes. The 2000 was a good bike as well be there are some known issues with them that you won't have to worry about with the 01 or 02. And as always....get the newest/best condition bike you can afford.

thanks for the replies, i'll cross the 00 off the list. Also from what i've read, are these bikes prone to stalling or is it just working the clutch like any other bike. Can the be lugged up hills?


stalling is not really any more of an issue on the 00 bike than any other. BUT...the 01-02 have better suspension, better brakes and no "woodruff key" issues. As with any bike the new models are more refined.

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