Idiot Proof YZ450f

I have read lots of posts in this forum about proper maintenance, storage, etc. for the YZ and I have found these to be invaluable.

I have established for myself a maintenance regime that more or less is in step with the consensus of this forum, Clean the bike after every ride, clean air filter also after every ride. Change oil and clean stainless steel filter also every 6-8 hours. I put in the safety wire on the drain bolt after my incident etc.

One thing that I failed to do, out of laziness was drain the carburator when I left the bike for a one month period. I read that this might be a problem with varnish building up inside the carburator etc.

Well I took the YZ out for a ride this morning. When I went to load it on the trailer I noticed the petcock was on. It had been left like that for over a month. I thought oh no this could be a problem..

Put on the choke and kicked a few times.. after the 5th kick a pop.. 7th kick she fires up just like new...

I only use super petrol which over here is rated at 98 octane.. Maybe that is why I get away with it? Or could it be the mild and dry weather here? or am I just lucky? Anyways I love the YZ... :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I am no petroleum engineer but I have only heard of fuel turning to varnish in a carb. when it has sat for over 6 months or so.

I have a Honda generator that doesn't get much use through the winter months. Each summer it goes back into use without being drained over the winter. It is 6 years old now and no varnish issues that I am aware of. My weather is very volatile. I would imagine the fuel you use is a very different mixture than we get here.

I wouldn't sweat it. :thumbsup:

98 octane?! Wow. How much does it cost you per gallon?

i would like to know where to get 98 octane pump gas, all we get around here is junk. 92 octane if were lucky.

Our Premium is 97, then V-Power from Shells around here is 99. Cept this cheap Mobile station by my house is 93 for Premium.

98 octane?! Wow. How much does it cost you per gallon?

Well this is an oil exporting Arab country..

Super is about $1.90 now 98 octane.

Special is the only other petrol offered, it is about $1.75 per gallon and is 95 octane..

Just across the border in Oman, Super is about $1.45 a gallon but it is not as good as the petrol here, maybe only 92 or something. The nearest Omani petrol station is about 50 miles from my house, but it is only about 10 miles from one of the riding areas I frequent so occasionaly I go there to pick some up..

And we are getting ready to pay $3.00-$3.75 per gal for the lowest grade regular......

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