Is Yellow Here to STAY ? VOTE

Does anyone have any information as to if they will still have an option of yellow for 2007 due to it's popularity?

If you don't have info leave your preference here.

I say Yellow. It's about time. A Yamaha that doesn't look like it's a year old after one hard ride. Yellow + Aluminum :thumbsup:

I would hope it's here to stay for good. It's got my vote!

I liked enough to make my first YZ400 yellow and then my YZ426. Now I finally bought one that was yellow from the start and I love it. One thing the manufacturers look at though is the fact that alot of products are identified by color so since Suzuki has been the yellow bike longer more recently, they might not want to dilute their identity by having some yellow and some blue.

I hope it's here to stay :thumbsup:

It should definately stay.

My assumption is it would be the bike of choice for the VET riders!

I must also say the David Bailey retro CRF450 is also quite nice!!!

If I could afford both I would have both!!!

50 year anniversary only...although I wish all yamaha YZ's/YZF's were yellow

may have to wait until 100year anniversity :thumbsup:

They need enough interest to at least make it an option. I stayed away from the Blue because they always look so weathered.

Even if the stock yellow doesn't stay it wouldn't be hard to change a blue to yeller anymore with the alum. frame and black gas tank. That's a good thing :thumbsup:

Yellow should stay 2nd choice - Would be silver....That would be cool....

Yea, I think so. One day you'll get to choose what color plastics and the graphics, I would bet on it.

yellow is the yammis have been since i was a kid, I like it and wish it would stay but my local dealer says this year only. probably a bunch of B.S. just to get ya to buy one NOW...

I got one.

I hope it stays a 1 year option.

Yellow is nice..

but then there is Suzuki..

That is why I think the yellow might be a one year thing..

Hope I am wrong though.. The Yellow and black looks great and would be great as an option to the blue..

But what if they started offering green, red and orange optional plastics/

i absolutely love the yellow on the new bikes.

I read somewhere that an option for the '07s will be white plastic with silver/grey/black graphics, similar to what was available for the Raptor. Again, this is just a rumor, so who knows for sure (although, that would be a pretty sharp bike :thumbsup: ).

No way. They only did it for 2006 because of the 50th Anniversary.

Besides, yellow bikes are already made by Suzuki. Yamaha is BLUE!

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