426 with FLU Graphics Complete (Photos)

This is an update to a previous thread, but i figured i would just add a new thread with the complete update.

My bike is a 2002 YZF426.

Things i have added that are a part of my "new look".

FLU Graphics Kit

Renthal Fatbar (RC High) with Factory Effex Barpad, Grips

ASV Pro Clutch and Brake Levers

Acerbis White Front Fender

Acerbis Blue Rear Fender

One Industries Seat Cover

Dunlop 952 Tires Front and Rear

DID O Ring Chain

Sunstar Front (14T) and Rear (50T) Sprockets

Here are just some various angles of the



Your head pipe has a lot of corrosion on it. But anyways nice looking bike. I like the looks of the 426 better than the steel framed 450's but nothing can match the 06. Before the 06 yz450f I thought that honda crf450's were the best looking bikes but the 06se blows the honda outta the water

Overall, before and after is a huge step up. Congrats, and nice bike.

Not to shabby, looks good for a 75$ graphics kit.

yer it looks good, but you mite wanna go to town wit some degreaser and steel wool on da header pipe. DeViLdRiVeR.

The header pipe just has dirt on it. I must have missed that when i used the pressure washer. I just fixed a dent in it and had to remove it the header pipe. I cleaned it pretty thorough a few weeks ago. I love the 06 450's as well, but for $7000 OTD plus all the upgrades you end up doing, my 426 is doing just fine.

Probably a third as cheap in the long run and still runs great.

your bike looks a lot better with the new graphics.

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