What's Team Honda's Baja gearing?

Don't guess, I want to know for sure. I could email Bruce O. but I thought I'de try you guys. I've heard 15/47, but am unsure. Gotta know what size rears to order.

Geeeeeez...never mind. Ogilvie said 15/47.

Yup...15/47. Im running 15/46 right now for dual sport and I have a 45 and 47 to try out as well.

In some races 15/45 and 15/47 where both used with different sized blocks.

Past 1000's included over 100 miles of asphalt....so even 2-3 extra mph were a nice bonus.

Say hi to Bruce for me!

Say hi to Bruce for me!

Yea.....right. I'm currently on his good side. There'll be NO mention of you sir. :thumbsup:

Hey Kritter, have you tried the 15/47 in a district race? I'm thinking the bike has so much torque, it'd be fine except for the boulder gardens.

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