Yes another Rekluse question!!!

When I first put my rekluse in I got the gap just right at .032 (0.80mm) but I had to use all 7 Rekluse steel plates to do so.

After a few hours riding, I had problems with it grabbing and stalling so I assume the fibre plates were a little low, knowing that I would not be able to increase the gap as all rekluse plates are already in I got some new fibre plates.

I have now installed the new fibres and 6 of the rekluse steels but the gap is still way to big you got any ideas :thumbsup:

Get a micrometer and measure the thickness of those steel plates. Th rekluse ones are supposed to be 0.055". The ones that came with mine were only 0.045". I called rekluse and they sent me the right ones.

Good idea,thanks mate.

Without measuring them yet I would say that is the problem, seeing as I had to use all of them when I first installed it.

Nope they measure up OK......bugger

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