chain question

hey guys i bought a new xring chain for my yz450 and was wondering where should i set the wheel at when putting on the new chain. right now I am using the stock chain and it has stretched so much that the adjuster is almost at the end of its adjustment.

Set it so that the chain is at the proper tension and the wheel is straight. Sight down the chain from the back and you will be able to see the chain bend off to one direction if the wheel is not straight. A good rule of thumb for chain tension is if you can just fit 3 fingers between the swingarm and the chain just behind the chain slider that is attached to the front of the swingarm. Hope this helps.


yeah but how far forward or back should the wheel be set. I have a long enough chain to set it where it would be best but where is that?

If you are adjusting the wheel position to change geometry then you will ultimately need to cut the chain to the proper length for the wheel position that you desire. If you run the chain too loose then you risk it jumping off and causing damage. If you run it too tight you run the risk of snapping it when the suspension bottoms and causing more damage, and possibly injuring yourself in the process. Hope this helps.


The most important issue is what type of track are you riding on. Sand, Clay, Brown dirt/Sawdust, ect. Remember that the farther back you run your wheel increases the wheelbase. The longer the wheelbase the more stable the bike will be at speed but you loose the nimble feeling you would want on a supercross track. The shorter the wheelbase the quicker turning but you loose top speed stability. :thumbsup:

:confused::thumbsup: what he said!

nice job WES!

Just run the stock 114 links

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