2005 wr450 to lean?

I just got done riding tonight and noticed the pipe comming out of the silencer is white inside. the bike has free mods air pump removed JD jet kit air box cut.and is jetted to Indys specks for low altitude and 60 to 75 degrees.It got prety warm today about 85 degrees.Being jetted for colder weather should make the bike rich right? Is the white pipe normal? The bike ran great but hot start not as good as usual but not to bad. Any thought on the white pipe. Iam running a mix of cam 2 110 and 91 pump gas . Thanks. Dan

I also rode a couple yz 250s and noticed my wr 450 puts off alot more heat on your legs. The yz250 owners comented on it to :thumbsup:

you're right, it does sound a little lean - did you manage to get a plug reading ? - that would definately tell the bigger picture and could also point to the part in the rev range where the problem may be ...

I did take the plug out this morning (day after riding) its black around outer ring tan on the strap and porcilen is off white.I think it looks pretty good.The bike sure seems to radiate alot of heet from the motor I will asume thats normal with stock pipe and all.I guess I will lean it acording to Indy,s chart when the temps stay steady above 75. Any thoughts?

Isn't a hotter running engine a sympton of a lean mixture? If it is, leaning it more will only make it hotter!

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