XR600 Mystery part help

I have just put my 97 XR600 back together and I am not sure where this goes...Doh! :thumbsup:



I remember taking it off and thinking,I hope I remember where this goes...Any help?

Also,I need to replace my bark busters,but I am not sure what brand they are.The aluminum mounts are really stout,and I would like to find something that bolts right on. Anyone recognize these?



Thanks a bunch for looking and any Arizona boys wanna ride on Sunday let me know,as a bunch of us are headin out to Martinez Mine,near Florence Junction....Tom

It's the heat shield that goes between the midpipe mount and frame by the rear master cylinder reservoir.

Ah......I'll check it out when I get home tonight,thanks....Tom

TooFast is correct!!

That is most definitely the heat shield that goes at the midway point on the stock exhaust pipe. It keeps heat away from the air box and the master cylinder.

I know nothing of your handguards though :thumbsup:

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