Leaky fork seal

No, this isn't another thread asking how to change a fork seal :thumbsup:

What I'm wondering is, will it damage my fork if I run it low/out of fork oil? I noticed it was leaking last time I rode, and haven't had any time to swap the seal out. I won't be doing any doubles or nothing like that, just some single track. Just don't want to bugger up the whole fork. I pulled the dust seal and cleaned out all the grit and the leak slowed down, but it still leaks a little.

I wouldn't run my bike with no oil

Normally the leak is not as bad as you think. I have a buddy that does a lot of the local guys suspension work. In my case he had suggested for me to put about 1 -2 cap fulls of suspension fluid in the breather hole at the top with my turkey injector. He had said that it may look like a bad leak but to make a 6 inch round puddle thats about a cap full. This allowed me to ride until he could fix my seals.

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