ESP Suspension for XR 650R

Has anyone used ESP Suspension mods on their XR 650R's. Precision Concepts is probably the best but $$$ and kind of a pain to ship the suspension to San Diego. I live not far from ESP.

I had the suspension on my 650r done by ESP a few months ago. I am extremely happy with the results! George and his crew really know what the bike needs. They are super nice, friendly, and do a first class job. A real pleasure to do business with them!

After they were done I just bolted everything back on and I was riding a whole new bike....completely transformed. Best $500(ish) bucks I will ever spend on the bike.

I've never ridden a bike with PC suspension, so, I have no opinion there. But I give two thumbs up for ESP. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

i have an 03 .george fixed me right up and i have not looked back since .very professional about his work .i highley recomend him .

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