Rust on Fork Piston Rod - How serious?

So, I wanted to do a flush and refill on the forks last nite. Bike is an '02. New to me. Some miles, but pretty minty. I discovered the thing is still on the OEM front brake pads, which is cool.

Anyway, I get the tubes out and the springs, etc... out. I find a couple small (1/8" diamter) rust spots on the piston rod. I hit them with scotchbrite to get it off and smooth the rod.

So, how serious is (was) this bit of rust?

I understand that the fork damper can be prone to corrossion as well. True?

So should I just bolt it all back together with new 2.5wt oil or pull the forks ALL the way apart and see what's going on?



If it's just on the small diameter part of the rod, I don't think it's too serious. It's only a real problem when it's on a sliding part that needs to seal. The rust is an issue only because it is abrasive crap.

If you want to flush them out good, go and get a few bottles of the cheapest Dextron ATF you can find. Pour it in and move all the parts around for a minute or two. Then drain. Repeat if the fluid comes out dirty. When I did my forks, they were so grunge filled that I had to do it three times before the fluid came out red.

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