Help rear brake

Took a ride yesterday in an area that was real rough and rocky.

Low and behold my rear brake master cylinder reservoir snapped off shocked.gif the tab was still bolted to the frame and the reservoir was dangling by the brake line. The brake still worked smile.gif

Any ideas on aftermarket brake reservoirs? Does anyone make a replacement one with metal mounting bracket?

Any other suggestions, maybe mounting a replacement with some sort of rubber gromet?

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What I meant to say was the rear brake master cylinder reservoir. You know the little plastic box that holds the fluid.

By the way, how do I edit a previous message?

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I'm not sure about the Reservoir but to edit there are some icons litterally right above your post next to the date and time posted. One is a piece of paper with a pencil on it. Click there and it'll let you edit your post.




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Thanks, sirhk

Mike, this is a common failure. There are aftermarket aluminum reservoirs. Try Pro-Circuit.

The stock one is only $12.

I have heard that the Honda master cylinder that has an integrated reservoir will work. Probably costs a lot more than $12 though.


You could buy a long rubber tube, run it from your master cylinder and route it up to some elevated location. Fill it with brake fluid, bleed as normal and cap it off.

If you are worried about seeing the fluid level or color, buy a clean hose.

You'll never break another resevoir again. I've seen this application done on lots of different bikes to save some minute weight and prevent the lose of your rear brake from minor crashes.



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My did the same thing about 8 months ago. I ordered the stock one for less than $15. I have yet to put it on though because that would mean bleeding the brakes and I don't have the confidence to do that yet.

I've been riding it with the resevoir heavily cable tied to the metal protector. Works fine. But I know I will have to replace it soon.


The brakes are really easy to bleed and it would probably only take 5 minutes or so. Just ask if you need help or directions.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

My reservoir became warped due to the heat from the exhaust, and lost my fluid. did not know this until I went to make my regular bleed and found only fluid in rubber tube going to caliper.. I have replaced with new reservoir and now place heat treated aluminum tape over cap to protect from exhaust, no further troubles with that.. have not broken one off yet..



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