Corbin on 650L with Clarke- fits???

Snagged a ever so slightly used Corbin for my '02 650L. Already have a Clarke tank (I think the 4.0 one) on the bike.

Went out to install the Corbin this morning and simply cannot get the seat forward enough on the frame to line up the two seat bolts. Ok, so I "could" if I used a big enough hammer, but I'd rather not damage the seat...

Anyone know if the Corbin will/won't work with a Clark tank? Calling Corbin they say that they "understand" it works with an IMS, but no clue on Clarke.

Anyone? Anyone?


Mine came with a corbin and I bought a 4.7 Clarke. It was a tight fit but I got it to work. The problem is the back of the tank has a steeper up angle than the front of the Corbin. I have to grab the top/front and back of the corbin and bend it a little in a U shape fashion to get the front clip to slide in under the frame. Have you checked to make sure your tank is pushed as far forward as possible?? After I got mine figured out, its not a problem any more.


I have a corbin and clark 4.0 tank combo on the bike now and it fits. My problem fiting the seat was not the tanks fault,but the seat mount tang on the right side was not long enough by about a 1/2 in.soooo what I did was where the right side bolt was to go through I cut the end of the bolt hole turning it into sort of a fork then welded an extension on to the fork drilled it out and now it fits perfect any time I need to remove it.

Thanks for the suggestions...

Hayden- I've tried bending the seat to the point I think the fiberglass might crack. No joy. Might be a different between the 4.0 and 4.7 Clarkes...

Goblin- As much as I hate accept defeat with the stock setup, I think you might have the right idea. I'll have to look at it again, but I think that mod would fix the issue.

I have the 4.7 and the Corbin and the seat was a challenge at first - in fact I shot in the seat bolt backwards( ) - for a month or so and then the alignment "became" correct and now the bolt easily goes in the correct way. They both work great together now.

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