xr 500 motor any good?

im trying to find a motor to hybird my quad and found a cheep xr500 motor. is it any good?

hp rating? is it a fast motor? air cooled or liquid? i need lots of info.

its a 1979 motor

I had an 81 XR500, that had nearly the same motor. It is an older design than the RFVC XRs and XL's of 1983 on. I wouldn't call it a "fast" motor like the current breed of 4 stroke MX bikes. Like any big bore lots of torque down low. It does it's best work at low to mid rpms. Peak horsepower is in the low to mid 30s. Air cooled and wet sump. No remote oil tank like the RFVC motors. No oil filter, so the oil needs to be changed very often. The same base motor was used in a road bike, the 81 and 82 FT500 Ascot. I put a zillion miles on my XR500, before the cam ate into the head (no cam ball bearings). The engine is somewhat heavy, at around 100 pounds.

If you are putting it in the 400ex, the overall power will be about the same. A little more low end torque, maybe a little less top end. I think the engine is a bit larger than the RFVC style 400cc. If you can fit it in there, it should work.

well now way im getting that type of motor then. i need a liquid coold motor that has at least 10 more hp than what i have.

i want a xr650 motor real bad for my quad but cant find one.

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