It cuts through the trees like its on a track.

I love the track. I love bustin 80 and 100 ft jumps. I love rhythm sections.I really don't like big whoops(cause they hurt my knees) and every thing is easier and funner on my 450 LE.

I just got back from the woods and found this thing is awesome in the woods. I cut my Henry reed handle bars to 29 1/2, bark busters, x-ring chain, Michelin ms3 front,slide the forks up and oh yeah the equalizer for the woods is a 12 tooth on the front. cut my clutch work by more than half. This B_tch rocks.Goat trails up and down with roots , 12 inch logs. No problem.

I'm lookin forward to the local Big Dawg hare scramble.Open b class

Oh yeah 6 weeks ago I broke three vertebrae. This makes every thing smoother.

Agree with what you said about this bike in the woods. I also went to a 12 tooth on the front and love it in the tightest sections.

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