Plug wrench help

How is it that in the wonderfull internet world we have have today I cant find anyone who has a plug wrench that will fit my XR? My deep sockets dont work, ive tried grinding them down, ive even tried tapping them on with a hammer. I rejetted and need to look at the plug, and I cant find a thin socket that will fit down in the abyss where honda put the plug. Anyone?

This is exactly the question I had when I logged on today. Watching for an answer.

Plug wrench that comes in the tool kit works well. It's just a cheaply made tool but it works. My used bike didn't come with one so I bought one from ServiceHonda.

thanks, i'll give that a try.

I posted a question about this awhile ago. I found one (generic brand) at the local Cycle Gear store for ~$5.

I use the one in the tool kit that came with the bike and it works perfect. I can even fit my 3/8 drive ratchet on the top to speed things up.

I just use a Craftsman socket to get to the plug. Works every time for me.

WOW... Apparently mine didnt come with a tool kit.

And a craftsman socket huh? Never thought of that, I kept trying my ole ladies tweezers.

My Craftsman standard size spark plg socket fits just fine. It's a lot easier to remove the gas tank, but I can still get the plug out without removing the gas tank. Be careful not to rip the rubber around the spark plug wire, I did at one point, and had to replace the wire.

Seconded on the Craftsman socket idea. I used my 6 point, deep, 3/8" drive just yesterday to drop in a new plug in my "L".

Part number 00944435000, $5.49 and available online from Sears at if your local shop doesn't have it.

(happened to be on their site anyway shopping for tools) :thumbsup:

Its amazing what the right size socket will do for a spark plug. My honda dealer gave me the wrong plug, too small (5/8) :thumbsup: , So being the jackass that I am I assumed that the one in the bike has to be the same size, right? And being such a tight area you cant see down in there. All better now. :thumbsup:

Just the answer I was looking for...they wanted $22.95 for a "Motion Pro" socket at the local MX shop....Sears is the way to go, Thanks.

My dealer was trying to sell me the motion pro one as well. I thought it was a little pricey so I checked out cycle gear and five bucks later I had a plug wrench. I guess they are pushing them because no one wants to spend that much money on a simple tool.

Sooo what was wrong with the one that came with the bike?

I carry a Snap-on spark plug socket (3/8th drive) in my kit (upper left corner). About $30.00 US.


rocky mt has scockets deep for the old xrs $18

Now that you have the tool problem solved don't forget to clean around that plug before you pull it. Lost of grime and dirt accumulates there and you don't want it in the engine. Also don't forget a little anti-seeze on the threads before reinstall.........don't overtighten. I thinks it's like a quarter turn or half turn on an old plug after it's snug. On a new plug it's like a full turn after snug but check that.

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