Aluminum Throttle Tubes

Hey guys, I need a new throttle tube. I would like to get an aluminum one, but I use handguards. Who makes a good aluminum throttle tube with an open end (or an aluminum throttle tube with a closed end that you know I can cut-off w/o messing up the tube and/or bearing...if it has one).

BTW-Its for my '00 426, if it matters... :thumbsup:

i believe pro taper makes a open end throttle tube with a bearing in it. i have a pro taper with the bearings in it but it is a closed end. i am very happy with mine as i plan on pulling it off along with some other after market stuff i put on the 04 450 and sell it, probably going to a 250f

If you are going to cut the ends for handguards buy the cheapest one you can find sunstar..... :thumbsup: Do not get one with the bearings unless you give up the handguards or just use roost protectors

i got one from performance engineering and it has an end that you can punch out for hand guards

Thanks Guys!

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