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G day guys just wondering what your oppinion was of the ktm 525 exc, i want to keep my 426 but i want another addition to the collection, so what do you wreckon get one or not.


yes. if you can afford it, get one!

a buddy of mine just bought one after i plated my 04 wr450 and he couldn't plate his own. he loves the bike but the starter clutch allready went out the first month but was fixxed under warrantee. buying a pumpkin was the easy way to get a nice dualsport. the 525 exc has a short wheelbase and turns in the tight stuff very well. the 6 speed is also pretty sweet but i would rather ride my wr any day, just love those revs. his bike boils over sometimes even in cool temps but no serious problems. if it's the bike you want i think you would be happy with it. don't forget to get a plate from the dealer if you buy new, it will pay off when you sell it even if you wont use it.

just noticed you were an aussie so the plate probably wont matter. unless you love that 6 speed buy a new wr, free mods + pipe and smoke the other guys on their exc's.

great bike, and surprisingly fast in the tight stuff - a friend of mine owned one and i used to love riding it occasionally. Personally i doubt that i'd get one though, my very uncorked '05WR450 with some suspension fine tuning is enough for me ...

A guy that rides with us has one, nice, don't know how much abuse it will stand. A couple of us have YZ & WR450's mods done) that he battles to keep up & it's not due to his lack of skills.

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