Best Exhaust for '06 YZ450f

what is the best full exhaust for the 06 YZ450f?

I talked my buddy into getting a DMC Afterburner for his 06 YZ450 and he says that it worked awesome. It's not as tucked in as the Honda exhaust, but every bike needs something different to make power.

I am pleased with the Dr. D full system. It makes tons of mid-range power, bolts up excellent and is fair in price. It is stainless steel and feels a liitle heavier than the stock set-up.

WB AlumPro 2 - my 2nd one and very very nice :thumbsup:

Goodness guys need more power than stock?????? :thumbsup:

My hat's off to you then!

Rocket Exhaust system

with a rocket system installed on the bike it makes tons of power down low and carries it all the way up top, with plent of over rev left over. the system really pulls up hills and the thing that impressed me the most was from a damn near rolling stop in 2nd gear, i was able to pick up the front wheel and carries it all for 20 feet! the exhaust system comes with 2 inserts that really quite the bike down to easly around 98 db!

and best of all you can't beat the price, don(owner of rocket exhaust) really knows his stuff!!! a full system is around $499 and a slip on is $349

Be different and impress your buddies with a sweet looking, sounding, and performance exhaust system from Rocket Exhaust!

every one that has seen my system things that it the best around!!!

Goodness guys need more power than stock?????? :thumbsup:

My hat's off to you then!

more power more power more power....the WB pipe aligns the power all in the right ranges low mid and high...just awesome :thumbsup:

fmf Q2 or other quiet exhaust save our riding areas and dont piss off the neighbors of your house riding area or even race tracks..besides there were some dynos floating around last week that showed only 1.2 horsepower gain with a popular after market pipe over stock same bike same time..

You what a awesome pipe! Try CHM-system(P=4R) i run this pipe on my 450(quad) & my YZ450F even my son runs this on his CRF-450 we love this pipes.They say they are a Honda pipe but they work great on my yamadogs. :thumbsup:

Dr. D but its hard to go wrong with any of them. Where you can get the best deal for our hard earned cashola.

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