87 XR600r in Phx, AZ Needs Shop

Looking for a shop in the Phoenix area that can help get me back in the dirt. Have had some starting issues since I got it. Put a new coil in and was out riding a few times around the holidays and now it does not want to start unless I push the pig. Could just need soembody to show me how to start the tempermental thing. I also want to check that the other shop hooked up the decompressor cable correctly. They put one cable on and they is a spot for a second one by the kick starter and a third on top of the head? Help if you can.

Custom Cycle-ATV is one of the better offroad tuning shops I've found. They're on N. Country Club in Mesa. For certain things I think they are the best (400EXs for example). Gary Cluff is the owner (he's almost always behind the counter) and I've always found him to be a straight shooter. The shop doesn't look like much...but they're riders and racers and haven't failed me yet.

Good advice,I have heard good things about them but never used them myself....Do you have good gas in it?Did it sit for a while?

Had been sitting for appx 2 months and had sta-bil in the tank. I am going to flush out today and try using premium.

What part of phoenix are you in? If you want to bring it to Tempe I'll take a look at it for free. I just overhauled my 89 so I'm pretty familiar with them.

:thumbsup: I would gladly bring it over to you. After reading some peoples descriptions on starting theirs I might just need to find the secret to it. What time of day or week is good for you. I live by the new cardinal stadium but work over near I-10 / I-17 stack. Thanks

I work mon-fri until 5 and I have class on tues night and wed night. PM me and I'll respond with my phone #.

I had the same type of issue with mine. Couldn't start it with the kickstart, but I could push start. Turned out to be the stator. I rewound mine. They are also available for a reasonable amount on ebay.

I would assume that with a weak performing stator that the spark is just not hot enough to get it fired up by foot?

Another good place on this side of town is Monkeybutts. Next door is Paloverde Suspension. They are close to the Glendale Drive in. They are all racers. And very up an up. If you want there address and phone let me know :thumbsup:

AJ's off of Deere Valley across from the airport has always treated me well. I would start with the stator. My Dad's '90 had the same symptoms. He bought a new Ricky stator and it started on the second kick. They have a webpage, pretty reasonable too. I think he paid $165 for a 200 watter. Good luck.

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