Chain rubbing tire

I recently changed my chain and sprockets, and set the tension to 2in from the rear slider bolt. I just got the bike plated, and took it for about a 20 mi road ride. When I got home, I noticed that the chain had been rubbing on the tire, hunking out the knobs on the side. I checked the tension, and it was slightly looser than 2 in, so I tightened it. Took it for another road ride today, and it is still rubbing...&%$#@!? The chain didn't appear to stretch any further, but still rubs. The tire is alligned straight too. Is riding it on the road at a steady speed causing it to flop around more and catch the tire? If so, any suggestions on how to eliminate this. My neighbor's KTM has a chain guard near the tire. I can't seem to find anything like that for a WR though. Any suggestions?

Hey Newbie, your chain is too loose! 2 inches is way too much, regardless of what the manual says. Try 1.5 and go from there. Also, what size tire are you running?...SC

something else to consider. Non DOT tires will flex more than DOT tires, depends on what you are running?

and perhaps tyre pressure causing it to flex ??

Thanks for the replies. I'm running a 110 Bridgestone non DOT tire at 20lbs while I'm on the road. I am new to the dirt bike world, and searched the forum for the best chain tension. A million different answers from a million different people. I'll tighten the chain, and see what happens. It looked loose, but I was putting my faith in the minds of the forum. :thumbsup:

most of my DOT tires run somewhere near 30-35 psi, you may want to try an increase tire presure a little see what happens.

Do what you want, but I would not run my chain tighter then 2" or slightly less. Sorry, but 1.5 would scare me that seals, shaft, or something was going to get tweaked. My 05 hits the sub-frame and has since it was new. Yamaha is not going to do anything about it according to the dealer and Yamaha. Maybe you chain is going the other way. Not much help, but a tight chain can creat all kinds of problems.

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