Hand Guard Opinions

Hello everyone, I just bought a used yzf246 today and plan on some woods riding in the future. I want a nice set of handguards to protect my hand from thorns and also impacts. I would like a set of plastic guards that are reinforced with metal. Just want to know what everyones favorites are. I would appreciate some pictures if possible. Thanks in advance.


Me and my whole family use emgo for all our bikes. They are very sturdy and protect your levers, grips, perches, and your hands. They are only like 45 bucks out of dennis kirk and are exactly the same as the $70 acerbis ones. We have never broken a set and are a must for all of our bikes. They have paid for them selves 20 times over on my brothers bike.

I have used the Rally Pro's and they are OK but tend to twist on the bars when impacted hard. I have since switched to Cycra pro bend's and like them a lot. They are mounted to the triple clamps instead of the handlebars.

I have the Rally Pros and have been very satisfied, thought the Emgo guards do look just as good. I have seen some broken mounts on the Cycras which gets expensive. Stay away from the Tusks, my wife has them and the mounts are cheesy (she broke them on a TTR125!).

I have been using Acerbis Rally Pros for about 3 years now and have never had a problem, or broken levers.

You will find people that have good and bad things to say about every brand. I have never used Cycras, but have heard from quite a few people that they break and seen them broken on peoples bikes.

Main thing is if your going to do a lot of woods riding get a good one with a bar in them.

My favorite is the cycra with the triple clamp mount. They stay put. Had a set of Rally Pro and they moved on impact.

i like the msr aluminum deflectors, hold up real good and dont seem to move around on the bars. for the best protection i would def. get some that have atleast some amount of aluminum reinforcement, and it seems that you do get what you pay for. good ones only cost $70 -$100 compared to 40- 60 for the cheap ones.

Had my Cycra Pro Bends for about a year with a season of racing on them and have had no problems yet. I would highly recommend them. :thumbsup:

Cycra probend, bomb proof. Maybe not the best fit, but what do you expect. Very durable, though. :thumbsup:

Cycra's man...They cost about a $100 bucks and are very strong. I've crashed at least a dozen times on hard rocky terrain. Other than some expected scratches, they are perfect. I had Acerbis before the Cycra's. The Acerbis worked fine, but the Cycra's have much more clearance between the levers and the guards. Good luck...Jas

Thanks for the replys everyone. What do you guys think about the Factory 909 handguards or the D-Flex ones? Thanks for your help.

Another vote for Cycra Pro Bend handguards with the triple clamp mount. I've been using them for two years and no problems to report.

my dad's had the 909 on his xr 400 for like 3 years. they have held up great, no cracks or bent metal. work very well :thumbsup:

Tusk D Flex bent on first ride on my wife's TTR125. Spend a few more bucks.

Fastway F.I.T. System.......by far the best mounting system I've used! All the benefits of a triple clamp mount only real mounting hardware that doesn't clog up your bar space. I am an ex-Cycra rider but they had no triple clamp mounts for KTM....pinch bolts are 45° from rear center of clamp so Cycra mounts can't work. :thumbsup:

I run Acerbis guards with Cycra triple clamp mounts. Regardless of what handguards you end up going with, I'd definitely recommend mounting to the triple clamp and not to the bar.

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