Engine Stalls At Slow Speeds

It seems like my engine on my 2000 yz 426 kills a lot at low speeds,if I climb a hill and feather the throttle at the top it seems like it just dies out right on the crest of the hill,or if I am putting along a slow trail it seems like it just idles down and dies,anyone have any suggestions or need anymore info from me to make a diagnosis.Your help would be greatly appreciated,I really have enjoyed this bike I haven't rode for the last 15 years and I cant believe how far these bikes have came.Also I am 53 years old so that should explain a lot of the putting around.

Thanks Jim

turn up the idle a little and make sure the clutch it set up right-my CRF450 did the same when it was new. It stalled at the start line just putting it in gear and kept stalling in the tight corners-for some reason I've never had that problem before that bike.

check the valve clearence it made a big difference on mine

Is the jetting right? Does it backfire on deceleration. Try adjusting the idle like toolie said and maybe the pilot. If you still have prbolems then just get a rekluse or gear it WAY down to like a 13 53.

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