AMSOIL oil filters

I just got a new oil filter for my WR400 from AMS-OIL same size as stock for 7.95 They look a bit different but same size. Has anyone try ed one yet? They are about half the price as the stock ones an look about the same.

What's the Amsoil p/n on that, is it SMF113? I've got an account with them, but I didn't realize they sold filters...SC

why not use the stock Yamaha SS one? they are reuasable.................

i have a SS wr426 filter to replace the paper wr450 filter in my bike.

Yes it is SMF113 They just added it also they added the air filter. I don't like the idea of reusing the filter. Even the one from AMS-OIL is metal an looks to be the same if not better than stock. It seems to have a metal baffle in it.

why wont you resuse them?>

I know a lot of peopl use SS re-useable filters with no problem. I just have a hard time using them when they allow particle flow at or more then 5 times the better paper filters. Yes in the long run the SS will be cheaper, but I just want the best filter possible. I have used a few stock, and I am currently using the K&N. As long as the filter fits correctly, and has a tight fit from font to back it should be fine. Any slop might allow oil around the ends and then it completely skips being filtered.

the filter doesn't "clean" the oil. changing it does!!!

use a SS filter and save your $$$$ for more frequent oil changes.

i believe that will do more good then what a paper filter will stop.

I haven't used a paper filter yet! For my WR All I ever seen is the stock metal ones. I guess a good filter keeps the particulate mater down.

Just try ed the filter on my 400 an it don't fit. I called AMS-OIL tech an let them know about it seems there filter is about 30 Thousands too wide. but they are going to change that.

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