Stock 03 WR 450 bars

I'm looking to replace my stock 03 WR 450 bars. What is the closest I can get to the stock when looking at pro taper, renthal, etc.? I see CR HI bend, low bend, bends, etc. referecne to riders. I just want a good quality but not cadillac bars.

my personal favourite is the Renthal 'Jimmy Button' bend - very popular with most riders who require a little more height than standard. They are also a little 'straighter' than stock and suit up to 90% of riders. The next one i'd look at is the Renthal 'Jeremy McGrath' (probably spelled that wrong !) which is a similar bend but the height is in between stock and Jimmy Button - in reality, either is a big improvement over the '03 stockers (you'll see)

my 2c ...

pro taper CR high. with riser adapters.

I prefer the Doug Henry bend, the extra space is nice.

It's all personal pref. depends on your height and where your elbows are comfortable. I'm 6'2" and like the Renthal Fatbars with the RC bend personally.

6`5 and i prefer - pro taper `pastrana` bend, on forward risers good bend and rise and also risers give you a bigger cockpit

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